Types Of Upholstery Foams

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Types Of Upholstery Foams

November 9, 2018 Small Business Services 0

The comfort level you get whether it is the firmness or softness you feel on your favorite couch depends upon the type of upholstery foam that is used under it when constructed. If you are looking for getting a new furniture or want to get one constructed, it is important to understand the type of upholstery foams that are available in the market which will suit your needs. Let’s find out the different type of options you could choose in the cheap upholstery vinyl.

  1. Soft and Firm

If you are looking for the firmness in foam, ask for the compression measurement in the foam. Usually, polyurethane foam is used to hold the firmness in a foam. For compression measurement, it is the same foam that is used and is determined by the amount of pressure that is needed to press down the foam to about one fourth of its height. A rule of thumb to note here is that the higher the compression measurement in the foam, the more firm it will be.

  1. Density

If you are unsure about the density of the foam, know that the best type of foams have a density between 1.8 and 3.2. The better the quality of the foam, the durable it will be and bounce back. If you are looking for foams for seat cushions, it is recommended to go for 2.5 or higher rating.

  1. Fire Resistant

Whether you have smokers in your house or not, either way it is important to ask the vendor to confirm whether the foam is fire resistant or not. A fire resistant foam can decrease the potential chances of the fire from the ash of the cigarette. Most foams that are fire resistant come with a high resilient rating which means that the foam will last longer.

  1. Shape and Size

The best part of upholstery foam is that they can be cut into any shape and size and then can be glued together the way you want. An open cell foam is easier to glue. So whatever type of shape your couch is, upholstery foams can be cut in your desired shape. Whether it’s the triangular wedge or small rectangles and circles for cushions, foam rubber cut to size can be made into any shape and design just the way you want.

  1. Closed or Open Cells

The most common type of cells found in foams are the open cells which open into the neighboring cell as opposed to the closed cells which do not open to the neighboring cells hence, allowing the foam to float for a longer period of time. If you need a seat cushion for your boat, you should surely opt for a closed cell foam.